General Features

Feedo Formulation "Feedo":

It is a least-cost feed formulation program which is concerned with poultry & animals nutrition using the operation research techniques to formulate the least cost ration depending on requirements of breed and prices of ingredients which is entered by the user.

Used In:

- Poultry farms and animal production.
- Feed mills.
- Nutrition Specialists.
- Research centers and universities.

Feedo helps to:

- Increase production: Ensure a balanced feed, covering all the needs of an animal or bird.
- The elimination of diseases nutrition: Balanced feed to ensure it does not exceed the minimum and the maximum of the needs and requirements of an animal or bird.
- Save money: Ensure a balanced feed with the lowest cost.

Key Features & Benefits:

- Most modern system in the industry.
- Ease of use.
- Accuracy of the results, efficiency and acceleration performance.
- Friendly user interface.
- SQL desktop database access.
- Output reports to txt, PDF, htm, xls, CSV, rtf, and doc formats.
- Both languages " Arabic, English".
- Simple search way.
- Convert between units.
- Backup and restore data.
- Multi-Plant.
- Multi-User.
- Multi-Blend.
- Price parametric: It is a powerful tool “What if”; it is possible to change the price of three ingredients for every step.
- Create multiple analysis types.
- Assign analysis types to specific animal(s) and / or bird(s).
- Create multiple feed types.
- Create bird or animal types.
- Create breed of bird or animal types.
- Create unlimited new ingredients.
- Assign ingredient prices.
- Assign ingredients to specific animal(s) or bird(s).
- Price manager.
- Ingredients and ingredient types restriction manager.
- Create unlimited ingredient types.
- Assign ingredient types to specific animal(s) or bird(s).
- Create unlimited new nutrients.
- Assign nutrients to specific animal(s) or bird(s) and analysis types(s).
- Create unlimited nutrient types.
- Create complex nutrient equations and assign of analysis type or/and ingredient(s).
- Create new formulas.
- Formulate using ingredient ratios.
- Formulate using ingredient type ratios.
- Formulate using nutrient ratios.
- Switch between As-fed and Dry Matter.
- Save formulation results as ingredient.
- Feedo contains feed composition according to NRC 1994 for poultry.
- Feedo contains requirements of the most international breeds as "Hubbard, Ross, Hy-line, Lohman, and others.
- Create unlimited new requirements.
- Displaying the shadow price during formulation.
- Rounding screen: (by Batch & by Ration).
- Manual Ration: Enables the user to enter the quantities of feedstuff and then program show nutrients analysis of this formula.


- Preview and print data.
- Displaying ration formula ingredients and its quantities & percents.
- Displaying the nutrients analysis of the ration formula.
- Displaying the ration formula ingredients, the nutrients constraints and nutrients requirements.
- Displaying the chemical analysis of the Ration formula ingredients.
- Displaying multiple rations formulas and its nutrient analysis.
- Displaying all the Library ingredients and its chemical analysis.
- Displaying Data As-Fed or Dry Matter.